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The Danks return to Kids Sea Camp, again!

Back to Kids Sea Camp again and again

The poem was written by the Danks family on Kids Sea Camp Grand Cayman. The Danks family, all ten of them, have been to at least 10  of our family weeks. The Danks use the Kids Sea Camp weeks as a family reunion. 

Ayden: Making new friends is always the best
And ditching our parents — they’re such a pest

Kiera: I got my C-card — yippee! hooray!
But my dad is my dive buddy? Boo hoo…no way!

David: I learned how to rescue, or so I’ve been told
But pulling Jim from the water just made me feel old.

Mark: Rebreathers & tec, scooters & more
I love trying gadgets, but they leave me so sore.

Maia: On our night dive, we saw a huge crab
Wait — not me! — it’s Avery you should grab!

Liz: Not quite an Ironman, but still a nice feat
Getting certified here was quite the treat.

Joe: Camera in hand, the fish are so sneaky.
At least I can’t lose my dive buddy Squeakily!

Carol: You’re oh so clever, you think you are funny
But watch out for sharks, Mister Chummy!

Mara: Not going diving is sometimes quite hard
Naps, books, and painting fill my dance card.

Sharon: Turtles & eagle rays, lobsters & eels

Ragtime found the lionfish, so where’s our meal?

For seven straight years, the Danks has come back
Doing our part to keep Kids Sea Camp in the black.

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