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Curacao or bust

Relaxation and diving at Kids Sea Camp

Ed and I were a little worried about taking the same exact vacation we did last year. Especially since we had such a good time in Curacao and we didn’t want to jinx ourselves. But our worries were put to rest after the first day back at Kids Sea Camp. We fell right back into our routine of relaxation and diving. Everything was so organized that all we had to worry about was when to get out of the pool to have dinner.

Family Dive Vacations, Fiji, Kids and divingBen and Jason seemed to have even more fun this year because they knew the routine and some of the same great teachers were still a part of the program. Ben and Jason also came back each day with a new fact about sea life that they were very excited about. I think what made our week so successful was that the children were having as much fun as we were! We didn’t feel guilty about diving each day, because we knew they were in good hands and having a blast. After spending all day with their friends, at 4:30 pm when we picked them up at the pool, they just wanted to stay in the pool and play. I don’t think there was one minute of the whole week that they were bored.

Our diving experience was a pleasant surprise too, we had different Dive Masters than last year, and we didn’t think they could live up to our experience with Remy and Sherman the year before. Chili and Raoul took over where Remy and Sherman left off. They arranged a visit to the other side of the island to “Mushroom Forest” for our last day of diving. Those two dives were the “icing on the cake” for the whole week. We saw a small sea turtle that seemed to stay with our group forever, and we saw an 8 ft. Nurse shark sleeping under the coral. At our surface interval, they took us to this cool cave that we all snorkeled to and I felt like I was taken back in time.

We also saw a school of squid on the way back to the boat. The small things that the Dive Masters and Captain did during the week were very much appreciated. Louis, the Captain took us on a Harbor Tour during a surface interval, we got to see a huge ship in a Dry Dock getting repaired. We learned some History of the Island too. Louis also arranged for a special treat of Raisin bread one day and Raoul brought coconuts for us to drink from for a surface interval. Everyone on our boat got along so well and it was like a small family at the end of the week saying goodbye.

So overall we were very happy we decided to come back to Kids Sea Camp on Curacao. We are even talking about coming back next year with Ed’s brother and his family.

Thanks again for all you have done to make Kids Sea Camp so special!

Wegryn Parents, Scuba Mom and Dad

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