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Congrats to the Graduating Class of 2009!

The new Kids Sea Camp divers of 2009. We just wanted to say congratulations to our KSC PADI Jr. Open Water graduates of 2009. Welcome to our underwater world. We cannot wait to have you come back and dive with us again at Kids Sea Camp!
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  • Aidan Gottlieb
  • Alexander Grace
  • Amanda Stratton
  • Andre Simmons
  • Andrew Christian
  • Anna Jacobson
  • Annelise Luyckx
  • Brianna Miller
  • Bridget Gottlieb
  • Cameron Carney
  • Campbell Robinson
  • Carina Wolk
  • Christian Ifi
  • Connor Enright
  • Dorothy Bakkenson-Collins
  • Elizabeth Condon
  • Emma Milteer
  • Ethan Caban
  • Hailey Spreeman
  • Hannah Broom
  • Jack Enright
  • Jack Olson
  • James Phipps
  • Jason Tong
  • Jazmin Rodriguez
  • John Cunniff
  • Jonah Parham
  • Josh Carnett
  • Juliana Triano
  • Katherine Mumm
  • Lazar Zamurovic
  • Lena Teckenbrock
  • Matt Parker
  • Miranda Wolk
  • Morgan Tappero
  • Natalie Nicoletti
  • Rachel Grasso
  • Riley Milteer
  • Samuel “Ty” Matheny
  • Sarah Hilborn
  • Sarah Jacobson
  • Sarina Shah
  • Savannah Stanley
  • Shelby Brown
  • Shivan Shah
  • Soniya Shah
  • Steven Schwartz
  • Tom Olson
  • Taylor Pigg
  • Xander Kraus-Mclean
  • Zachariah Kraus-Mclean
  • Zachary Sittler

Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventure have certified over 7,600 divers over the past 20 years of business. Meet the KSC staff that helps us make us the number one dive operator for families and kids.  Kids Sea Camp instructors are PADI Pro’s, active, and up-to-date with skills, training, and rescue. Our team is regularly evaluated by parents, students, and other PADI Pros.

Our team leads by example as we practice professionalism one every level, Kids Sea Camp staffers honoring the PADI code of conduct, showing compassion, a priority on safety first, and family-focused with attention to detail. It is what our KSC dive team and tour guides represent.

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