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Chloe Mei’s 2019 Ocean Hero Award

Hi Tom, Margo,
Former Kids Sea Camper, Chloe Mei received the 2019 Ocean Hero award on Saturday. Chloe Mei was presented with not one but two awards last weekend. Chloe Mei received the 2019 Ocean Hero award at Oceana’s big gala on Saturday, then on Sunday she received the Young Philanthropist of the Year award from Pacific Marine Mammal Center – and in her speeches she always says she started her straw campaign because of her love of scuba diving, And you know who instilled that in her? Margo & Tom Peyton. Bravo to Kids Sea Camp!

Kids Sea Camp, Family Dive adventures, Family vacations, 20 years
Kids Sea Camp is celebrating 20 years of business in 2020. The company has certified over 7,000 kids from 2000-2020.

Wanted to let you know that the story Chloe Mei wrote about her journey from SASY to Open Water Scuba Diver was published in the June issue of Sport Diver/New Diver magazine. It also appears online,  Here is the link.

Also, Chloe Mei was interviewed on a podcast a few months ago. That podcast was released on Monday. It’s only 13 minutes long and her interview is only for the first 11, but in there she talks about her love of scuba diving and that Kids Sea Camp Bonaire was where it all started. Here is the link for that podcast

Bravo for inspiring this young girl to learn scuba, and taking that love even further to protect our ocean environment. I’ve started teaching Ella Lin, now 10, in the hopes that she’ll love diving as much as her sister does.
Looking forward to diving with you again soon
Dave Espinosa 

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