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Wolferberger: Beach Party Bonaire

Rockin song, diving in Bonaire at Kids Sea Camp Wolfersberger family (Song by Trent): Hopped off the plane at BIA(Bonaire International Airport)With my snorkel, mask, and fins Welcome to the land of dive excess Am I gonna fit in? Jumped in the van, and here I am for the 2nd time Look to my right […]

We Didn’t Start the Fire

Kids Sea Camp poetry and songs 2022 Firewalkers, Kava Root, Soft Corals, Shark School South Pacific, Rocky Island, Bequa Lagoon Uncle Frasier, Had a Mission, The Cathedral Expedition Bubblemaker, Fiji Islands, First KSC Buddy Dive, Bonaire, Shore Diving, Low on Air Woody, The Milkshake King, At the Surface Interval Himahooker, Wreck Dive, Donkey Farm and […]

Lucky Lucky Lionfish

Lucky lucky lionfishCome and swim with me Lucky lucky lionfishIt was meant to be Lucky lucky lionfishHave no fear Lucky lucky lionfishDaddy is not here Lucky lucky lionfishYou don’t see a spear Lucky lucky lionfishNo one will come near Lucky lucky lionfishYou are safe this year Lucky lucky lionfishDaddy is not here in Belize By: […]

Wakatobi poems 2017

Poems from the Kids Sea Camp at Wakatobi Here are poems from the 2017 Kids Sea Camp week from the week at Wakatobi resort.  (Sung to “My Favorite Things”) Unknown author Black-banded sea kraits and large tiger cowries. Leaf fish and stonefish that scoot cross the floor seas. Whip coral. Gobis and yellow jawfish smiles […]

Diving with Kids Sea Camp

Sung by Wakatobi V + Wisconsin (Sung to the tune of “Proud Mary”) (Intro) Evening Everyone, No need to rush, You’re on vacation, Let’s take it nice and easy… Left the US for Wakatobi, Seeking bluer water and sunny skies, Now we’re here in Indonesia, Can’t wait to hit the water, Catch up with KSC […]


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