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St. lucia, Family vacations, diving

Oh, the places we will go. . . diving.

Big diving news from our household.  Jake gained his Junior Open Water Certification two weekends ago. We knew Jake had an amazing time at Kids Sea Camp in St Lucia with Callistus Jackson and Keither Prospere participating instructors for Kids Sea Camp PADI Seal Team, but when birthday gifts were on the line would he choose […]

The Philippines was very special

The Philippines trip was a very special one for us too. It’s an amazing place with wonderful people. We celebrated a birthday and a big anniversary with you, not to mention seeing super special critters. Morgan has grown up knowing the sea and knowing diving. He looks forward to those trips. I know he loves […]

Fiji: Thank you for everything

Hi, Tom and Margo!Just wanted to say thank you for everything you do and everything you are: as a company, as a couple and as individuals. We count you among our great friends. Fly happy on your way to Fiji and home again. We wish we were going to Fiji with you. Please give our best […]

Me too

We took our first Kids Sea Camp trip in August to Buddy Dive Bonaire. My 10.5 yr old son fell in love with scuba diving and earned his PADI Jr. Open Water certification, under the wonderful guidance of Buddy Dive instructors, vetted and personally chosen by Margo. We are looking forward to our next trip, […]

Our first Liveaboard dive trip

The bottom line, the Socorro trip on the Rocio Del Mar was amazing! We were a little apprehensive and nervous as you can imagine, but as usual, the staff that Margo and Tom sent for the trip was top notch. Josh Comay (Adventure travel guide and PADI Instructor with KSC) ran this family dive vacation […]

Getting your kids certified

  Lots of friends have asked me about getting their kids certified to dive, especially as kids are growing older and as they hear about our dive trips and adventures. Obviously, we are huge proponents! Ben and I always wax long on our friends Margo Peyton and Tom Peyton at Kids Sea Camp and what an amazing job they do with […]

Screws & Hammers in the Galapagos

A few screws and a heap of hammers diving after spinal surgery in the Galapagos The Galapagos – my parents had been talking about diving in the Galapagos since before I was born. As a child it was the “holy grail”. I always heard “When you are old enough, we will go as a family to […]

Go For It at Kids Sea Camp

Go For It in the Philippines by Betsy Royal with Carolyn Pascal After a few adult beverages at my friend Carolyn’s daughter Melissa’s wedding, our mutual friend Margo suggested we join her on an upcoming Kids Sea Camp trip to the Philippines. She loved it there, and so would we, she said.  Thrilled to be spending […]


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