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The Bonaire Poetry winners 2014

Let it go! Steals the show!

What a first poetry contest of Kids Sea Camp of the KSC summer! We had everything; deep thoughtful, personal and funny poems — and then we had Tanya Conklin. And she stole the show at the Bonaire poetry presentation at Kids Sea Camp.

(To the tune of Frozen’s Let it Go)

By Tanya Conklin

The wind blows strongly on Bonaire tonight,

Not a frogfish to be seen,
It’s a kingdom of wrasse and blennies,
Look, there goes a Queen,
The current’s raging like the kids at drop off time,
I know they would like it,
If only they would try, 
I must get in,
I must go see,
Be the good diver I always have to be,
No touch, No take,
The rules for me,
I’m free!
Down Below, 
Down Below,
Can’t stay topside anymore.
Down Below,
Down Below, 
Put my gear on and giant stride
Here I dive into the night or day
Let the boat capsize!

Depth never bothered me anyway.

Sacred Shapes

By Jess Reese

In an arid world,
searching for a Golden Mean.
The maple’s triangle,
Orion the Hunter’s hourglass,
The river’s sinuous serpentine.
This thirst is only quenched in a drenched domain.
Lost in the labyrinth of boulders.
Transfixed by a jelly’s translucent shoulders.
Ascending the spirals of feathery Christmas trees,
I marvel at the harmony of spheres,
And allow myself to be seduced by the symmetry
Of encrusting creatures.
The perfect circle of the inhale and the exhale.

God’s Geometry.

Cowfish, hogfish, Eels, oh my!

By Vernon White’s 

Then it appeared: Charlie’s giant eye!!I swam, he swam.

I looked, he looked back at me.
Two bodies, enjoying the Carribean sea.

Thanks, Kids Sea Camp!

By Jackie Horak

New friends, new swims

Scuba = Yes!
Smoothies, parrot fish, Donkeys = Check!
And glass-bottom jellyfish fields= Let us never forget!

Thank you Kids Sea Camp!

Life Is

By Darrel Reese)

Life is a series of splashes smiles hidden by snorkels and masks giggles heard only by fish.

Life is a descent into the unknown leaving a trail of bubbles the sorrow of certain ascent.
Life is the sinuous swim in seeking a slow paddle of curiosity dances choreographed in a universal language.
Life is a feeding frenzy a spectrum of fleeting apparitions memories recorded by the circuitry of eye and mind.
Life is the clink of conversation, classy stories and classless jokes, beacons of light painted on a dark canvas,
Life is an album of many collections filled with personal reflections shared celebrations and disappointments.
Life is the inhale at sunrise meandering footprints in the sand the exhale of sunset.
Life is fun.   

Life is familyFamily is life.

Kids Sea Camp in Bonaire

By Daniel and Zsolt Orban, read by Daniele

My June affair.
Diving first time at age 12 is serious fun under the Sun.
Sure we feel we’re on the run,
the Early morning after we rise,
Adventure is ahead of us.
Campers we all are,
Adults and kids alike.
Make the best of ourselves,
Pack away fun and experience.


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