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The Beauty of Yap family dive adventure with Kids Sea Camp 2013

Mogethin: Welcome to Yap, The Federated States of Micronesia

Its 2013 and Kids Sea Camp is at Manta Ray Bay in Yap.

Margo, Tom, Jen Peyton, along with Fraser & Sophie Purdon are leading Kids Sea Campers around the globe to Yap and Palau.  See more in our Facebook photo album.   Yap sure gives us memories to last a lifetime.

We have learned the legend of Stone Money, walked through the villages of Yap and met the beautiful people of this amazing little Island.  We have shared their home, their food, learned about their cultures and enjoyed their company.

Day 1. Arrive to Manta Ray Bay: www.mantaray.com.  Our rooms overlook the sea and breakfast lunch and dinner are provided on an ancient sailing vessel called the Mnuw.

Sunsets on the Crows nets are spectacular.  Taro Leaf Spa for relaxing after a tough day of diving and fresh frosty Yap beer served poolside during happy hour.   The kids have enjoyed diving, beaches, educational hikes, Kayak tours and Digital photo dives with their new SeaLife cameras.

Sophie and Lilly earned their Jr. Open Water rating and final dive with sharks and Manta.  How is that to start your diving career?

Mrs. Sarin and Mrs. MacDonald hit their 100 Dives here at Manta Ray Bay during Kids Sea Camp and were honored with Mantas saluting them overhead.

Morning coffee, off we go, 2 dives for adults and kids, a wonderful sunny day, lunch and afternoon dives as a family.  Thats not all, if you want more, we also enjoy dusk dives in the mangrove to spot the little Mandarine fishes.

Still not done?  Dinner is waiting with slide shows of the day’s find.  Night dives or snorkeling is always waiting for you.

Tom Peyton got us singing and started the first Kids Sea Camp Yap Basket ball club.  Tyler is coaching and dads are trying to find their game.   Laying by the pool the ladies sip on their coconut drinks, soaking up the sun and thinking about the next activity to do.

Diving has been hard to beat:

Macro and reef dives, Vertigo sharks, Goofnuw channel for manta, Napoleon rass, Munk head parot fish, leaf fish and more. Yellow wall  and Cabbage Patch, Miil Cannel’s  and Magic Kingdom, Gapow reef, and Lion fish wall just to name a few.   Surface intervals are spent playing among wild dolphins.  We watch them jump and spin along side our boats, and yes even jumped in to have a closer look at moms and babies too.

Pilot whales, white tips, black tips, grey reefs, Yap showed us sharks galore!  But best of all are those beautiful Manta Ray’s that will dance in our heads for the rest of our days.

7 days has flown bye and we are sad to go. We will return to Yap again, but for now we look on to Palau…

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