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Best practices and etiquette for underwater photographers

Photographers best practices By Josh Comay and Margo Peyton: (Professional Dive Travel Photographers) After years of speaking to frustrated guests, photographers, and divers. I felt compelled to put helpful etiquette tips together for photographers. I have been diving for 30 years, and I asked my fellow photographer, Josh Comay, to assist me and share his tips as […]

Wakatobi poems 2017

Poems from the Kids Sea Camp at Wakatobi Here are poems from the 2017 Kids Sea Camp week from the week at Wakatobi resort.  (Sung to “My Favorite Things”) Unknown author Black-banded sea kraits and large tiger cowries. Leaf fish and stonefish that scoot cross the floor seas. Whip coral. Gobis and yellow jawfish smiles […]

Diving with Kids Sea Camp

Sung by Wakatobi V + Wisconsin (Sung to the tune of “Proud Mary”) (Intro) Evening Everyone, No need to rush, You’re on vacation, Let’s take it nice and easy… Left the US for Wakatobi, Seeking bluer water and sunny skies, Now we’re here in Indonesia, Can’t wait to hit the water, Catch up with KSC […]

The Bonaire Poetry winners 2014

Let it go! Steals the show! What a first poetry contest of Kids Sea Camp of the KSC summer! We had everything; deep thoughtful, personal and funny poems — and then we had Tanya Conklin. And she stole the show at the Bonaire poetry presentation at Kids Sea Camp. (To the tune of Frozen’s Let it […]


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