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The 3rd annual KSC Turkey Bowl

It’s time for another KSC Turkey Bowl!

The leaves are turning up north, in the south here at the home office it’s our second spring — but come November over the Thanksgiving holiday in St. Lucia at  Anse Chastanet resort, the footballs will be flying all over the island.

It has proven to be popular with the families and we let everyone play— fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and grandparents. We have ages from 5 to 65 running up and down the field hoping to catch a bomb from coach Tom or be part of another photo moment caught by Margo’s trigger finger.

It’s October so we are only two months away from the game. 

Here are five things all the family should do before the game:

  1. Watch a football game before they arrive on the island in November. We have noticed a lot of families don’t know too much about the pigskin game.
  2. Jog, run, walk — get active. The game is on a Caribbean Island so it can get a little hot, expect to sweat.
  3. Toss the football around or any sort of ball of any sort — we have found catching to be an issue at times.
  4. Football is an American game played with an oval-shaped ball. It is not a played with a round ball. That game is called soccer, not football, for our English and South America families. We could if there is enough interest to start a KSC annual soccer game.
  5. This is a touch game, not tackle and we mean a butterfly touch, light and gentle.


A side note: There will be an MVP trophy awarded this year, so bring your A-GAME!

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