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Dear Kids Sea Camp

We would like to book the same week and same room if possible for next year!

We enjoyed Kids Sea Camp very much!!! I can not think of another place where the parents can dive every day and their children are having a better time than they are!

We felt that the resort was nice. It lacks a good restaurant, and the front desk staff is not always pleasant but the room makes up for these inconveniences. The room was huge and was very comfortable for our family of 5 for the week. The view was the best part! We were lucky enough to look over the dolphin pool and the ocean. It made for wonderful early mornings watching the dolphins play and listening to the ocean waves.

The camp counselors were top notch, it is very obvious that they love working with children. Jordan and Susanne had an amazing time at camp and learned a lot about the ocean, coral reefs and the other fish and animals that live there. They both loved learning SASSY. I would like to see KSC increase the number of Sassy units available so each child could participate in Sassy each day. Susanne said her favorite activities were the swimming pool and doing Sassy. Jordan said his favorite activities were the games and doing Sassy. Kyle really enjoyed diving, scaring his mother to death, and feeding the sharks and rays at the Sea Aquarium.

Please tell Margo thank you for us for offering such a wonderful camp and diving opportunity. Her hard work is very evident. We really had a great time and are looking forward to going back to Curacao next year!

Thanks for the opportunity to share our ideas and experiences with you.

Deanna & Ben Bernstein

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