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Give Them

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Kid Sea Camp
Family Dive Adventures

Kids Sea Camp (KSC)
“Give Them A Week They Will Remember Forever”

  • Group trips that we have Individually Custom-crafted for the world’s best family scuba diving adventure vacations.
  • Each group trip is comprised of many like-minded families from around the world.
  • Each group trip offers a variety of activities both land and sea for each member of the family to enjoy

Family Dive Adventures (FDA)
“Let us make your someday today”

  • Fully customized individual family trips to far off unspoiled individual destinations
  • These trips are created for individual families, that want a more private exclusive experience that fits into their own time frame.
  • FDA trips also include customized dive vacations for small groups, couples, empty nesters or weddings.

The Best In Family Dive Adventures!

Unique Experiences

We customize and create a variety of cultural, historical and educational experiences to both near and far away places unrivaled in family dive travel.

Dive Safety

Kids Sea Camp is recognized worldwide for safety in dive training and travel with kids. We have spent the last 23 years as a leader in our industry. Safety is our #1 priority.


Time with our kids and grandkids is precious and fleeting. There are only 17 summers. Grandparents often choose us. Diving as a family provides memories to last a life time and an endless number of firsts.

Special Needs

Kids Sea Camp together with our chosen operators around the world has been able to provide memorable, safe family dive vacations to many special needs. With time, medical information, a doctor's clearance for diving, and adherence to PADI mandates can create a magical experience together.

We cultivate family relationships through authentic, high quality, educational ocean-oriented experiences.

We encourage kids to engage with each other and marine environments respectfully while exploring the underwater world. We offer uniquely customized itineraries and educational programs that accommodate a multitude of individual family needs.


Some say oceans separate us, we believe they connect us.


To inspire families to dive and travel. To provide educational activities. To empower children and their families to explore the underwater world together. To reconnect kids to the outdoor world and each other through fun, safe, responsible inter action. To provide environmentally conscious family scuba-diving vacations.


We provide a strong focus on building lasting friendships and strengthening family bonds. We nurture relationships and treat eachother with respect. We consider our responsibility as divers, for both the negative and positive impact we have on land and sea ecosystems.We give back to the many lives and communities our families touch around the globe. We strive to create more responsible, confident, well-trained and educated divers.

Margo Peyton has been profession ally exploring, diving and traveling the world since 1986, guiding great adventures above and below the sea. Once Margo became a mother, she wanted to fully immerse her two children, Robbie and Jennifer, into her world. It was clear her business would be connecting children and families around the globe with educational dive-travel adventures.



Margo could not find a family-friendly dive resort or kid friendly instructors
for her own family.


With Kids Sea Camp, Margo created and customized her own itineraries, courses and schedules.With the help of PADI, Buddy Dive in Bonaire, Divetec and Reef Divers in the Cayman Islands, around the world.


Margo’s first and foremost priority is safety. She only works with locally-owned PADI dive resorts, who’s owners will hold child safety above all things.


The magic she says, is in her dive team of PADI Pros. They are the best in the world! They connect families from far away places and lifelong friendships are forged across borders that are revisited
again and again. .


For 23 years, parents and grandparents have entrusted us to care for the most cherished people in their life — their children and grandchildren. That is why we choose the highest level of quality in dive training and instruction: PADI.

The reality is that in order for adults to have a stress-free dive vacation, they must feel confident and comfortable leaving their kids in our hands, and they do! The KSC and PADI systems of diver education are the most reliable structured systems in diving. Our dive programs are designed to make learning enjoyable and safe. Under the guidance of professional PADI instructors, your kids will gain confidence while mastering important safety concepts and skills.

At Kids Sea Camp, you can trust that the PADI instructors in the water with your kids are well-trained and held to diving’s highest standards.

Why Choose Kids Sea Camp?

A simple question with a simple answer, we cultivate family relationships through authentic high-quality, ocean-oriented and cultural experiences that encourage kids to engage each other respectfully in the amazing underwater world.

Through uniquely customized itineraries and educational programs, we accommodate a multitude of individual family needs. We pride ourselves on award-winning, highly personalized attention to detail, that ensures safety and comfort for young divers.

We are here to serve you and make sure your vacation is the best it can be. Our Kids Sea Camp family vacations are hosted by Tom & Margo Peyton, along with our team of PADI professionals and host families. We are here to cater to your personal needs. This may be extra support for the kids, a drive to the grocery store, a scuba tune-up, one-on-one personal dive training session, help with a camera, or demonstration with dive gear. Maybe it’s getting over fear or just need a refresher.

22 years of taking kids diving, without a single dive accident are not just luck, it’s hard work and dedication. Our record and reputation speak for themselves. We work with family-friendly experienced knowledgeable professionals. Yes, we have standard PADI, travel, medical and KSC waivers, like any other adventure sport, however, it does not relieve us of our moral obligation to keep you safe!

Kids Sea Camp provides authentic experiences with real wildlife and marine interactions. It’s not Disney World, and there is no plexiglass. We provide education to families through facts and hands-on experiences, with hopes to remove fears created by false information. Our trips require participants to be respectful to each other and the underwater world we are exploring. Our rules must be followed, decisions honored and our word is final. Safety is our area of expertise when it comes to keeping families safe while enjoying their scuba vacations.

We inspire kids to become more confident in building trust, through training and exploration. Kids Sea Camp brings together free-spirited, adventure-minded families who want meaningful interactions connecting with each other and the outdoor world.

Kids Sea Camp is special needs friendly. If you give us enough advance notice and the information we need, we can make most wishes come true. Kids Sea Camp has been able to cater to handicapped divers, high functioning autism, hearing impaired divers, disabled divers, and other special needs. The primary language spoken is English, however, we have a pool of multilingual PADI instructors around the world and with notice, almost any language can be accommodated.

Safety is our #1 and fun is a #2 in order of priorities. There is no other company like Kids Sea Camp because we make your vacation personal. KSC only works with kid-friendly experts that we trust in the water with our own family.

Kids Sea Camp has grown to be one of the only tour companies in the world to take families on advanced dive adventures to the Galapagos diving with sharks, Yap to dive with giant manta rays, Palau to dive sunken wrecks, Fiji to shark school, and the Philippines to muck dive.

Put down the cell phones and the laptops. Jump into the real world with daily dives or zip-lining, jungle biking, yoga, paddle boarding, playing football, basketball, or fly fishing. At a Kids Sea Camp, you spend a complete week disconnecting from your routine and reconnecting with family, new friends, and the amazing underwater world. We think it’s one of the best family vacations in the world.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Special occasions: Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or reunions. Let us know how we can serve you better 803-419-2556.

Kid's Sea Camp Fun Facts:

7865: The number of PADI youth certifications issued through Kid Sea Camp as of Dec. 2022.

16: The number PADI Instructors who graduated through KSC IDC.

12: The minimum age required for PADI Jr. Rescue, Jr. AOW & Nitrox students.

2021: The year Olivia Rapisand became a PADI Instructor. 

Seal Team: : A PADI program for kids age 8 & 9 who can learn to
scuba through aqua missions in the ocean at KSC.

Rescue Diver: Tom Peyton’s certification level in 2021.

Empty Nesters Travel: The newest division of our company. Africa, Red Sea, Arenui and more.

1: The number of decisions you need to make to book your next family dive vacation. “Kids Sea Camp”.

31: The number of destinations Kids Sea Camp has traveled too.

Jr. Dive Master: The newest PADI course kids age 15 to 17 can take on a KSC trip.

Robert Peyton: The highest ranking diver in the Peyton family. “PADI Staff Instructor.”

15: The number of PADI college accredited courses you can take.

2: Margo and Tom Peyton became only the 2nd individuals ever to receive a PADI Lifetime Achievement Award.

It's about family. And the ocean.

Get ready to experience the unexpected. Be prepared for the transformation of your family.

You will be amazed at how much your kids will pay attention and be present when they know what they are about to see and do, is in real-time, and not going to be replayed to watch on YouTube later.  Family safety is first above all things, and education and fun are top priorities.

We just like to go diving to be honest!


  • SASY: age 4-7
  • Seal & Master Seal Team: age 8-9
  • Discover Scuba: 10+
  • Jr. Open Water: age 10-14
  • Jr. Advanced Open Water: age 12-14
  • Open water: age 15+
  • Advanced open water: age 15+
  • Reactivate/Refresher
  • Jr. Rescue: age 12+
  • Rescue diver: age 15+
  • Master Scuba Diver
  • NITROX: age 12+
  • Deep Diver: age 15+
  • Wreck Diver: age 15+
  • Jr. Dive Master age 15+
  • Dive Master age 18+
  • PADI Instructor 18+


  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Peak Performance
  • Bouyance
  • Coral Restoration
  • Digital Photography
  • Videographer
  • Navigation
  • NightFish ID
  • Alt Light
  • Boy Scout Merit Drift
  • Boat DPV
  • Project Aware
  • Shark Aware
  • Whale shark & Manta
  • Underwater naturalist
  • Lionfish Tracker
  • Equipment
  • Free Diving DPV
  • Mermaid
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider

We are a proud member of the Family Travel Association, have been featured on the Travel Channel, and a winner of SCUBA Diving and USA Today's reader's choice awards.

We count on our sponsors to be as family-friendly as our company.

With 30 years of experience in dive travel, Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures have some of the best business partners and sponsors in the world.

Kids Sea Camp is the largest contributor to youth certifications in scuba diving.

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